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Schubert, bust relief, Lichtenthalerkirche

Welcome to New Home of the Schubert Project pages!

Franz Peter Schubert (1797-1828)

Schubert was born in Vienna, Austria and died there at the age 31. He spent most of his life there except two summers in Zselitz, Hungary, which is now in Slovakia, and a few summers outside Vienna at places like small Upper Austria towns of Steyr, Kremsmünster, and Gmunden and a resort of Badgastein. For those of you who are interested in his entire life or in the Schubert Year 1997, there are links below which lead you to the desired information.

The Schubert Project

  1. Photographic Journey of Schubert Memorial Sites

Instead of pursueing at this time to complete a multimedia show of Schubert's travel, Tomoko Yamamoto decided to do a multimedia recital program of many Schubert songs and three of her Japanese songs on the theme of water. This is based on the success of her short program of her six japanese songs in 2003 in which she presented photos related in spirit to each of her songs before she sang. She chose the theme of water because many of Schubert's songs have to do with water and the three of her own songs are based on the text that were written at the sea/river side. The first performance of the new program, titled "Water Songs and Water Landscapes: Multimedia Show," took place on Sunday, June 3, 2007 at Faith Presbyterian Church in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. You can see the program in English and German. She is available for performing engagements either in English or German with this program in the United States through May 2008. After that she won't be available in the US. The program requires a piano and an LCD projector, which can accept the computer output, and a projection screen. If you or your group will be interested in hosting this program, she would like to hear from you regarding dates and honoraria as soon as possible.

She would appreciate your donation to her artistic ventures in any amount you wish. If you donate more than ten US dollars, ten Euros, or 1000 Japanese Yen, she will send you a thank-you note using a photograph of your choice already on this site. I can accept a credit card payment through PayPal. (Any equivalent amount in these other currencies, Canadian Dollar, Pound Sterling, and Australian Dollar will be welcome as well)

Alternatively, you might be interested in purchasing her travel photographs related to Schubert at her Austria travel gallery. Check this price list if you are interested in buying one of these prints.

If you like impressionism, you might like her fine-art impressionist reflection photographs which have been appreciated by her many customers.

More recently she opened up a few galleries at Photoshelter, an online archive with online store function. These are priced in Euro and the travel photos offered there are budget-priced.

Last Update: September 17, 2007
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