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What's New at the Site of Tomoko Yamamoto, photographer, composer, soprano

Latest update at www.tomoko-yamamoto.com:her photos, music compositions, and multimedia projects.

03/20/2019 11:20 AM
Blumen in Wien:Multimedia-Flöte-Liederabend
Diaschau zu Die Rose

A new Multimedia-flute-Liederabend concert titled "Blumen in Wien" on 2 Nov 2013 given by Tomoko Yamamoto, Rudolf Gindlhumer, and Hiromi Mitsuji-Landerl

01/21/2009 05:40 PM
An Equestrian Figure, Photo by Tomoko Yamamoto
A tree bark resembling an equestrian on horseback at a branch bark ridge: Photo by Tomoko Yamamoto

Photo of decaying tree bark looking like an equestrian figure by Tomoko Yamamoto; Two Ilfochrome prints, 8x10 and 20x24, are available as matted to 11x14 and 22x28, respectively.

01/17/2009 04:50 AM
One Eye, Photo by Tomoko Yamamoto
Photo of decayed tree trunk having a hole looking like an eye at Finzel Swamp, Maryland: photo by Tomoko Yamamoto

Photo of decaying tree trunk having a hole which looks like an eye by Tomoko Yamamoto; Two Ilfochrome prints, 8x10 and 20x24, are available as matted to 11x14 and 22x28, respectively.

01/01/1970 12:00 AM
Valley View, Finzel, Maryland
Photo of Valley View, Finzel, Maryland in late afternoon:photo by Tomoko Yamamoto

Two Ilfochrome prints of two different sizes can be ordered for the photo titled Valley View, Finzel, Maryland

01/01/1970 12:00 AM
Cibachrome/Ilfochrome Photo Print Sale by Tomoko Yamamoto
photo of forest reflections in blue in the water of the Patapsco River in Maryland, USA

The page of Ilfochrome/Cibachrom print sale has been updated with the image links

05/19/2007 07:00 PM
Clouds over Silhouetted Mountains, Lake Zurich, Switzerland
Clouds over Silhouetted Mountains, Lake Zurich, Switzerland: Photo of Lake Zurich, Switzerland by Tomoko Yamamoto

The sun is rising and casting a slight tinge of red on clouds over silhoutted mountains at Lake Zurich, Switzerland.

05/02/2007 03:10 PM
Venice Travel Information
The Venice photo page was updated to include travel information to and in Venice. These are several links to a variety of travel information on Venice. First comers to Venice may be confused by these four-letter bus companies in the area, but if you have read about them before you arrive in Venice, your confusion may be minimized and you'll have a wonderful time in Venice.
03/30/2007 08:15 PM
Auf der Donau

"Auf der Donau" is a poem written by Johann Mayrhofer, which was set to music by Franz Schubert in 1817. The poem talks about a boat on the Danube, going through the area where old castles on the bank are soaring toward heavens and ghost-like pine forests are making noises. The poet asks where is the tower, the gate and the walls, and particularly the warriors who used to be there. Waves, like the time, threaten to drown us in our small boat. This song is part of a program titled, "Water Songs and Water Landscape: Multimedia Show" by Tomoko Yamamoto.

03/29/2007 11:45 AM
Church Tower and Castle Ruins, Duernstein, Austria: Photo/Picture by Tomoko Yamamoto
At Duernstein, a church tower dominates the landscape with castle ruins above a rocky outcrop

Duernstein is located on the northern bank of the Danube in the Wachau region. It is south of Krems (an der Donau) and north of Melk. The caslte ruins are those of Kuenringer Castle where Richard the Lionheart was imprisoned in 1192-93. Tomoko Yamamoto took this photo to include in her multimedia show, titled "Water Songs and Water Landscape," to be performed on Sunday, June 3, 2007 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

03/26/2007 12:45 PM
Select Photoshelter Members Worldwide
Listing of select Photoshelter members worldwide is available as a feed
03/14/2007 03:45 PM
Photography of Tomoko Yamamoto at Photoshelter
This is a page at www.tomoko-yamamoto.com/photographs/photoshelter.html interfacing the public page of Tomoko Yamamoto at www.photoshelter.com/user/tomoko-yamamoto. Two images, Panorama View of Grand Canal from Rialto Bridge and Mountains in Mist, Lake Zurich, Switzerland, are linked to the corresponding image files at photoshelter.com.
03/11/2007 09:45 PM
Impressionist Reflection Photographs at Photoshelter
Tomoko Yamamoto's gallery of 10 Impressionist Reflection Photos at Photoshelter have been updated to include info on the price range and the subject matter of the photos. Diese Wasserspiegelbilder sind als signiert Fotokunstdrucke erhaeltlich. Die Fotokunstdrucke sind Lightjet Drucke auf Fuji Crystal Archive Fotopapier und diese sind verkaeuflich im Euro.
03/11/2007 09:45 PM
Photos/Pictures of Venice, Italy at Photoshelter
Tomoko Yamamoto's gallery of 12 photos of Venice, Italy at Photoshelter has been updated. These photos are available as good-quality budget prints made from digital files on photographic paper.
03/13/2007 06:15 PM
Travel Photos/Pictures of Europe at Photoshelter
Tomoko Yamamoto has been traveling to Europe by herself or with a church choir where she used to sing during the past 14 years. She has accumulated a huge number of photos as she traveled to different spots in Europe on her Schubert Project trips to Austria and Italy and on her solo trips to Germany in 1993, 1999, and 2004. The photos shown in this gallery are those of Edinburgh Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland, of Traunstein by Altmuenster at sunset, Austria, La Loggia del Siglio in Verona, Italy, Lake Zurich with a view of mountains in mist and under clouds in Switzerland, and a view of the old town of Steyr from Tabor in Austria.
03/08/2007 01:15 PM
Mountains in Mist at Lake Zurich, Switzerland: Photo/Picture by Tomoko Yamamoto
Mountains in Mist, Lake Zurich, Switzerland: Photo of Lake Zurich, Switzerland by Tomoko Yamamoto

At the eastern end of Lake Zurich, Switzerland, a view from a commuter ferry includes mountains in low-lying mist and layers of clouds over them against a blue sky. This photo is part of Tomoko Yamamoto's multimedia show of songs on the theme of water and illustrates the Goethe text of "Auf dem See," (On the Lake), set to music by Franz Schubert. In his rendition, Schubert emphasizes two pictures, white mist surrounding the towering mountains and thousands of star-like twinkles in water due to the morning sunlight on the water.

03/07/2007 03:15 PM
Schubert Project Page Update
Tomoko Yamamoto, soprano, is available for performance of her multimedia show this summer in Europe. The show showcases a number of Schubert's songs along with two French songs and her own Japanese songs on the theme of water and her photographs and one of John Armstrong-Millar which illustrate the texts of these songs. See the program details linked on the Scubert Poject page.
03/20/2019 11:20 AM
Loggia del Consiglio, Verona, Italy: Photo by Tomoko Yamamoto
Loggia del Consiglio in Verona, Italy: Photo of Verona, Italy by Tomoko Yamamoto

Verona, Italy is a city known for its arena and for Romeo and Juliet, but its central square, Piazza dei Signori boasts a number of interesting buildings. One of them is this Renaissance building called Loggia del Consiglio. The arcaded building is characterized by frescoes on the upper floor and five ancient celebrities of Verona on the rooftop. You can also see a little girl in a yellow jacket walking toward a pigeon. You will also note a number of people sitting at the edge of the building and talking with other. The photo of the building was taken on a warm March day in the early evening and my sister and I saw a crowd who was practicing late afternoon passagiata.

03/03/2007 03:15 PM
Tomoko Yamamoto's Photography Galleries
The main page of Yamamoto's photography galleries includes links to each gallery of impressionist reflection photos, travel photos, photos of churches in Germany and Maryland, USA, landscape photos in Scotland, northern Italy, Austria, Japan, Ithaca, New York, and Maryland, and photos of monuments and structures related to Johann Sebastian Bach and Franz Peter Schubert. The main page is also linked to the page of Olympus Camera Information including camera shopping in Tokyo, Japan.
03/03/2007 09:50 PM
Tomoko Yamamoto's Impressionist Reflection Photo Gallery
The main page of Yamamoto's Impressionist Reflection Photo Gallery of 40 images has been updated to include the links to her Photoshelter Impressionist Reflection Gallery and its RSS feed.
02/26/2007 01:45 AM
Tomoko Yamamoto's Multimedia Show Includes the Work of John Armstrong-Millar
Tomoko Yamamoto's multimedia show of songs on the theme of water will feature songs by Franz Schubert, Claude Debussy, Reynaldo Hahn, and Tomoko Yamamoto and photographs by Tomoko Yamamoto and John Armstrong-Millar. The first performance of this show will be on June 3, 2007 at Faith Presbyterian Church, Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
02/18/2007 01:36 AM
View the Feed of Tomoko Yamamoto's site in the Web Browser
It is now possible for anyone to see her feed in any regular web browser. However, the feed in xml makes it possible to subscribe and look at the latest on Yamamoto's site without visiting her site.
03/20/2019 11:20 AM
"Auf dem See" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and the translation by Tomoko Yamamoto
Goethe wrote "Auf dem See" in 1775 when he visited the Zurich area. Franz Schubert set the poem to music in 1817. This song is the opening piece of a multimedia show of many Schubert songs, two French songs, and three Japanese songs with slide projection by Tomoko Yamamoto
03/20/2019 11:20 AM
Chaos:Impressionist Reflection Photo by Tomoko Yamamoto
Impressionist reflection photo of the reflection of trees and shrubs in early April

Impressionistic photo of the reflection of still mostly bare trees and light green shrubs in the water of the Patapsco River, Baltimore County, Maryland

03/20/2019 11:20 AM
San Giorgio Maggiore from Molo, Venice, Italy: Photo/Picture by Tomoko Yamamoto
San Giorgio Maggiore from Molo: Photo of Venice, Italy by Tomoko Yamamoto

San Giorgio Maggiore's church and its Campanile are seen beyond the San Marco Basin from the pier with wood mooring posts on the San Marco Molo.

03/20/2019 11:20 AM
Price List: Lightjet Print and Licensing
Updated price list with a gift certificate offering
03/20/2019 11:20 AM
Das Lied des Wassers: Multimedia Show von Tomoko Yamamoto
Die Bilder und die Stimme der in Tokio geborenen Sopranistin und Fotografin Tomoko Yamamoto buergen fuer einen unvergesslichen Abend. Die Japanerin fuehrt ihr Publikum auf eine photographische Reise rund um das Thema Wasser, dazu begleitend intoniert sie Lieder von Schubert, Debussy, Hahn, und eigene japanische Kompositionen.----Das Programm fuer "Das Lied des Wassers" auf deutsch--- A German version of the program of a multimedia show titled "Das Lied des Wassers"
03/20/2019 11:20 AM
Fall Streaks:Impressionist Reflection Photo by Tomoko Yamamoto

Two tree trunks lit by the afternoon sun reflected in the water of Herring Run in Baltimore, Maryland